Programmable Services

The Hubtel Programmable Services API is designed to serve as a medium through which services being offered by businesses are made accessible and available for customers to purchase on the Hubtel platform via our available channels (Online, In-store and on Mobile).

With a single integration, services will be available for purchase on the:

  • Hubtel Web
  • Hubtel App on Android and iOS.
  • USSD code.

This makes it easier and simpler for businesses to reach a diverse range of customers with their services.

How The API Works

How To Integrate The API

In order to integrate the Programmable Services API, you will need to follow three simple steps:

1. Develop A USSD Application

Using the Programmable Services API Reference here, develop and host your application.

2. Add The Service To Your Hubtel Dashboard

You will need to add your service to your Hubtel dashboard with your service interaction and fulfilment URLs.

3. Link to USSD code

After adding the service, request a USSD code and attach the service you've created to the code

Core Features Of The Programmable Services API

The Hubtel Programmable Services API interacts with your hosted app with two key functionalities which have been designed to provide customers with the best user experience:

  • Service Interaction URL: Allows users to interact dynamically with your service application based on your own pre-designed flows.

  • Service Fulfilment URL: This URL is where requests are sent to, for the fulfilment of the Service Value after the user has made payment for the transaction.

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Programmable Services

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