Getting started with payments

The Hubtel Merchant Account API allows you to integrate mobile money and card transactions into your applications. You can easily accept payments for goods and services directly into your Hubtel merchant account. You can as well send money to your customers via mobile money.

This API is ideal for individuals and businesses looking for a quick and easy way to integrate mobile money charging or an online payment experience for their customers. The API can be used for e-commerce payments, mobile banking, bulk payments, accepting donations and more.

Accept Payments with Hubtel's API

Online Checkout: Accept mobile wallet and card payments from your website or mobile app on a checkout page.

Get Up and Running

1. Get a Hubtel Account

The first step in integrating with our payments platform is to create a Hubtel account. In case you already have an account, kindly go ahead and login.
If you don't, you can create your account here. You’ll need a valid email address and mobile phone number to sign up.

2. Verify your Business

Every business that integrates with Hubtel Payment must be verified. This verification involves uploading your business registration documents to Hubtel. After creating the account on the portal, you will be contacted by a representative to verify your account.

3. Learn to Integrate

The API reference provides details on all parameters. It also provides you with sample request and response bodies that you'd receive as you interact with the API.

Note: Accepting Card Transactions

Please note that we review all business information you provide directly with our card acquiring banks who have the exclusive right to grant or refuse your request after reviewing your website and business operations.

It is important to note that this review process may take up to 10 days depending on the nature of your business and the accuracy of the information you provide. We therefore strongly recommend that you provide accurate information to assist the process.

Payment Channels.

We support two main payment methods: Card (Mastercard & Visa) as well as Mobile Money on all networks in Ghana (MTN, Vodafone, Tigo and Airtel).


Our processing fee for receiving money is 1.95% of the transaction amount.
By default, Hubtel fees will be charged to the Merchant. i.e. a customer shopping online at the cost of GHS 20.00, paying with either a mobile money wallet or card, will be debited exactly GHS 20.00. The merchant will however receive GHS (20 – 0.39) = GHS 19.61.

But, if you wish to pass the fees onto the customer, this option is available for mobile money transactions, by setting the FeesOnCustomer parameter to true


We support next day settlement for mobile money transactions and a three day settlement period for card transactions. This means that mobile money transactions on your account will be available for you to cash out after one day and card transactions after three days.

Download a Pay Banner

Download and embed any of our wide variety of pay banners for your website, mobile app, newsletters, social media campaign or any of your marketing materials..

Locate Your Merchant Account Number

  1. You can view your Merchant Account Number here.

  2. Locate your merchant account number at on the left side of the dashboard. (as pictured below)