Getting started with SMPP API

The Hubtel SMPP API allows you to send bulk SMS messages using the industry standard SMPP protocol version 3.4. To integrate with this API you need an understanding of how the SMPP protocol works. This API is ideal for high volume messages. If you are not comfortable with SMPP, then we recommend that you use the REST API which is popular with most developers.

To get started with the Hubtel SMPP API. You need to create an SMPP API account.

  1. Go to Developer on the top menu bar (you'll need to login if you aren't already).
  2. Click on Register an App.
  3. Provide a detailed Description for your App.
  4. Select SMPP 3.4 as your API Type.
  5. Click on Save to complete your app registration.
  6. Copy your ClientID and ClientSecret for API connection.
  7. Raise a ticket to request for approval of your SMPP API Account.
  8. Your request will be reviewed and authorized within 24hrs.

SMPP Connectivity Details

Bind Parameters

Bind Values

Connection Type

SMPP 3.4

System ID

Hubtel ClientID


Hubtel ClientSecret





Host (You may ping for the IP address)



Number of Binds allowed

1 (default)

DLR Support


SMSC Message Mode


BIND addr_ton / addr_npi

default : 1/1

OA (Sender) TON/NPI

0 (unknown)
1 (international)
5 (alphanumeric)

DA (Destination) TON/NPI

(default: 1/1)

Outgoing Capacity (SMS/seconds)

(default value is 10TPS)

Interval expected for enquire_link

(default: 60 seconds)

Msg ID Type


SMSC Default Alphabet


SMSC Default Alphabet (Default alphabet used, as defined below, when data coding is set to 0)

GSM 7-bit

Establishing an SMPP Connection

After entering the SMPP connection details provided by Hubtel (Host, port, clientID, clientSecret) into the SMPP client, a connection is established between your SMPP client and Hubtel. For sending messages, a transmitter or transceiver connection is needed and for receiving messages from Hubtel, a receiver or transceiver connection is needed. Note that Hubtel allows one bind for each Hubtel account, however multiple binds can be considered for special cases.

When Hubtel receives a bind request with the correct credentials, a bind response will be returned and a connection established for communication.

We recommend that your SMPP client should issue an enquire_link every 30 seconds to keep the connection open.

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Getting started with SMPP API

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