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The SMS REST API is for developers who are looking for a simple and easy way to integrate SMS messaging into their apps. You can set up your account and get started with the SMS API in minutes. It's a highly available API that sends millions of messages per day. With this API, you can:

Send Messages: Send bulk messages to thousands, even millions of people instantly.

Scheduled Messaging: Set a later time to send your messages. This provides the flexibility of scheduling messages to be sent to users at convenient times.

Alphanumeric Sender ID: Let your brand stand out by formatting your sender ID using alphanumeric characters.This easily makes your messages identifiable on your customer’s mobile phone.

Receive Delivery Reports: Register a webhook on your account to receive delivery reports of your messages to help you monitor your messaging performance.

To discover this great experience, kindly follow the steps below:

Create Your API Keys

You need API keys to authenticate your requests to Hubtel. Follow the steps below to create your API keys:

  1. Login to the Hubtel Unity portal and navigate to your Developer Account
  2. Click on Add Application.
  3. Enter the Description of your application.
  4. Ensure that HTTP API is selected and Save

Try out

You can try out the API and see how it behaves by providing your Client ID and Client Secret at the API Reference section.

Top Up Your Messaging Credit

You can manage your messaging credits from your Hubtel account. Purchase your messaging credit online and bundle according to your messaging needs.

  1. Login to Hubtel and Click Top Up from your dashboard.
  2. Choose a payment option that is most favourable: mobile money, card or bank deposit.
  3. Choose your preferred messaging credit.
  4. Make payment and start sending live messages.

Every request to the API has a timeout of five(5) seconds bound to it.

Telephone Rules
International numbers must be in international telephone number format and must be url encoded. For example +534547064786 is in the international telephone number format. However, to be used in the url, it must be encoded like this : %2B534547064786.

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Get Started with SMS API

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